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Colorado Tri-Flo Systems Business Information

Colorado Tri-Flo Systems
11724 Pleasant Hill Rd.

Colorado, US
Zip Code:
(833) 290-2143
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Exterminating & Pest Control Services
Bed Bug Heating Solutions
Products and Services
40.170217, -105.010884
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[email protected]
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About Colorado Tri-Flo Systems

Tri-Flo provides thermal solutions to give you peace of mind and help your business grow
​​Our patented “Tri-Flo” airflow technology provides safe efficient heat that can be customized to meet heating needs, large or small. Efficient heating requires air circulation, which is the backbone of Tri-Flo heating systems.

Multi-patented Tri-Flo products deliver more heat and save more energy than any other portable heaters on the market. In fact, they are one of the most energy efficient lines of portable heaters available today.

The unique patented shape generates a higher exchange rate, BTU output, and increased cycling while drawing fewer kilowatts per hour. This translates directly into savings on your monthly electric bill while delivering superior performance compared to other systems.

Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, LLC was formed in 2010 in Longmont, Colorado. With more than 30 years of experience in heat transfer, airflow dynamics, and manufacturing expertise. Our experience encompasses all aspects of heating, ventilation, and air flow, from initial thermal application and mechanical engineering to manufacturing and sales. The expertise of our team, combined with our manufacturing capabilities allows us to provide our customers with a complete range of heat transfer products designed to fit any standard or custom application. Our line is also certified to adhere to the ETL standards of manufacture and performance.

Colorado Tri-Flo Systems specializes in patented innovative design. We rely on our heat/air exchange design experience to produce the ultimate low-use energy units with the smallest carbon footprint. Our mission is to develop products for multiple industries with high efficiency as a priority. Many of our competitors are producing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems utilizing technology that is over 50 years old.

We have gone beyond the old standards to improve heating dynamics and performance. Our patented design allows our products to work with airflow, not against it, creating a booster effect. By decreasing static pressure and resistance and creating positive pressure we have focused the air-stream so heating elements transfer more heat directly into the air-stream with greater force.

INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY ​resulting in efficiency and economy
Colorado Tri-Flo introduced new, innovative technology to the heating industry. Our patented air flow design radically changes the old standard and delivers higher air exchange and heating statistics not previously seen in such a small and effective footprint. The standard “box-plenum” design, used for the past fifty years fails to incorporate air flow dynamics into the final product, resulting in a major loss in actual energy efficiency, which for the industry has been an acceptable design deficiency since conception.

Our patented design allows our products to work with air flow, and not against it, creating a booster effect. We have been able to significantly decrease static pressure and resistance and create positive pressure. Thereby generating a more focused air-stream so heating elements can transfer more heat directly into the air-stream quickly and efficiently. The advantage gained in higher exchanges per hour affords easier control of temperatures and directly saves on operating costs.

The critical factor for heating to be most effective is air exchanges per hour. The faster a given sized unit can condition the air and cycle off, the more energy efficient it is, specifically, the more cycles per hour the fewer kWh (Kilo-Watt per Hour) used. Box units are limited by the delivery system, meaning they can only deliver 30%- 60% of acfm (actual cubic feet per minute) of conditioned air with a given size and/or power rating. The non-deliverable air is stuck in corners creating negative pressure (static pressure) causing a reduction in air velocity/volume and decreasing heat transfer.

Our electrical components are contained within the unit where they are continuously cooled to work at optimum efficiency and longevity and contribute to the smaller physical size.

Its versatile design is capable of many different applications -- residential, commercial and industrial. It is also easily adaptable to any existing system, either as the main heat source or as a supplemental system.

Tri-Flo's mission is to provide products that deliver efficient and effective heating innovation, intelligent design and management of air flow. ​

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