Our Services

Pet Boarding

If you're leaving the Houston area for a vacation, business trip, or to see family, you may be considering the best option to ensure your beloved pet's happiness while you're away. Four Paws Dig It understands, as we would want the same for our own pets. That's why we strive every day to create a safe, happy place where pets can roam freely, socialize with other like-tempered dogs, play, and have plenty of food and water, just the way you would want it to be at home.

    Doggie & Kitty Daycare

    Are you out and about all day, and need a place where your pet can feel comfortable and have fun while you can't be with him or her? We have the perfect solution! Four Paws Dig It's daycare service is guaranteed to offer your canine or feline a long day of play, socialization, and the occasional treat. By the end of the day, your pet will come home very happy, and very tired!


      If your pet has long fur that becomes matted, you know what a pain it can be for everyone involved when you try to remove the tangles. Instead of handling such a big job yourself, bring your pet to us and let us take care of this hairy business. We charge low rates by the minute, so you'll only have to pay for as many mats as we remove. For best results, we recommend pairing our de-matting service with a pet bath and shampoo, for clean fur that's easy to manage.

        Pet Grooming

        Whether you need upscale grooming to perfect your pet's fur coat, or just a quick bath to clean off the mud, you and your pet can both benefit from our gentle grooming services. We can handle it all, from a wash and rinse, shampoo and conditioning, shed removal, nail trims, gland secretions and more. Your pet's comfort is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we invite you to come back into our grooming area, meet our staff, and be a part of your pet's grooming experience.

          Fur Trim

          From poodle cuts, to lion manes, full haircuts, to just a little fuzz control, we offer a wide range of fur trim and styling services customized specifically to fit your pet's needs. Our number one mission is to get your pet looking stylish and adorable, no matter their size, shape, or type of fur.

            Nail Trim

            You chose to show your pet immense kindness by not having him or her declawed. But instead of dealing with endless scratches, risks to your floors or furniture, or uncomfortable at-home trimming, let us give your pet a relaxing "paw-decure." In a low-stress environment, we will trim and file your pet's claws down farther than most pet owners cut on their own, all without hurting your beloved furry baby.

              Pet Baths

              Do you have trouble trying (or failing) to give Spot or Fluffy a bath at home? Save yourself the mess and stress, and bring your pet to our spa instead. We provide warm, relaxing pet baths with quality pet-safe shampoo and coat-treatment products, all done by our friendly groomers.

                Teeth Cleaning

                An important but often overlooked aspect of your pet's hygiene is the state of their teeth and mouth. Our groomers will gently brush away plaque, tartar, and bacteria, sparing your pet from bad breath, tooth decay, and gingivitis. It's a simple yet effective investment you can make for the lifelong health of your beloved animal.